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Providing caring & effective ABA for over 25 years

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For over 30 years ABC has provided ABA services to the community serving individuals with Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. From early beginnings with Behavior Intervention Services, ABC has embraced the ideal that the parent(s) are the child's first teacher(s) (Baker and Brightman, 1994) which launched our Positive Programming for Parents group parent training programs.  Coming from this perspective of empowering parents, ABC’s roots lie in a “trainer to trainer” model where training others would result in effective ABA programming for individuals with special needs. From this precept, ABC has developed an extensive number of programs to meet the growing needs of all individuals with disabilities and Autism/ASD.

With the diagnosis of Autism/ASD rising, ABC has developed services to meet that challenge in several locations throughout California (Sacramento, Central Valley, Bay Area, North and South East Los Angeles).

ABC developed consultation for individuals with Prader-Willie Syndrome in 1987 and a Care Provider Training Series (CPTS) for Care Homes a year later. In 1990, ABC started its first in-home Autism programs in the Sacramento region. In 1994, we began our first Non-Public School (NPS) for children with Autism/ASD in Sacramento and eventually in Duarte and Ontario. In 2006-2007, ABC started its Infant-Toddler programs in Duarte, Central Valley, and Sacramento. We now have opened site based Early Intensive Behavior Treatment Programs in Stockton and Sacramento.

Internationally, ABC has been successful in disseminating ABA in Europe, Asia and Africa. These services include consultation, and setting up in-home ABA programs and behavioral schools in China, Portugal and Bahrain. We continue with our effort in spreading ABA to all who need the technology world wide.

JAN 1987

ABC, Inc. is founded by Joseph E. Morrow and Brenda Terzich-Garland and vendorized with Alta California Regional Center to provide behavioral services.

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JAN 1990

ABC starts our first in-home program in the Sacramento region.


ABC School opens and is accredited by the California Department of Education.

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ABC expands to Central Valley.


ABC expands to Southern California, the East Bay, and China.


ABC opens centers in Portugal, Singapore, and the Phillippines.

JULY 2012

Per SB 946, ABC begins working with insurance companies in the state of California.




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Not pictured: Susan Riggs-Wright, MA, MFT, BCBA, BICM, Clinical Administrator (Central Valley)